REAL TIME PROJECT SLOG  is directed towards providing an opportunity to upcoming professions, freshers,students to experience the world of work, by participating in live Workstation even before they graduate. Apart from the academic benefits, this also serves to hone their problem solving skills, and build team spirit, initiative, and leadership skills, which makes the eventual transition to the professional world smoother and better.

 Software Project development requires a lot of other aspects apart from coding like understanding the specifications, requirements and preparing the documentation as per the needs. Result depends upon the way we come across all the important milestones like choosing technology, type of architecture and issues during the development of the project.

 Most of the people in-spite of knowing Technology completely they are not ready to handle the project due to lack of confidence to develop the project independently and are failing to reach industry expectations. In project slog can assure that it will boost the confidence to start the project from the ground level to its peek for both fresher and experienced to reach the industry expectations as are today.

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